Friday, May 22, 2009

Join our coaches at upcoming camps!

During the month of June Cadence is offering two stellar training camp opportunities for athletes of the endurance racing persuasion. We have on tap a mountain bike endurance training camp in beautiful State College, PA and an ultra endurance triathlon camp in Lake Placid, NY.

The camps are detailed through the Cadence home page in the news ticker so rather than get too in depth, here are the basics:

Endurance MTB Camp - June 15-17 (Mon-Wed) - led by coach Mike Kuhn - $450

Contemplating your first mountain bike marathon this summer? Looking to improve your time at the Wilderness 101? Wondering how to best prepare for the Shenandoah 100 or other endurance mountain bike event? THIS IS THE MTB CAMP FOR YOU!

Price includes race entry into Wilderness 101 or Shenandoah 100!

Held in beautiful State College, PA, the home of the legendary Wilderness 101, the Cadence Endurance MTB Racing Camp offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the specific training demands of this challenging facet of mountain bike racing and help you prepare physically and mentally for the task of racing an MTB marathon or 12/24 hour solo. This camp is intended for intermediate to advanced mountain bike riders who are contemplating their first endurance style race and those looking to improve their performance in such events.

Ironman Lake Placid Preview Camp - June 18-20 (Thu-Sat) - Led by coaches Kevin Kall and Holden Comeau - $495

Join Cadence’s nationally acclaimed coaches in scenic Lake Placid for three days of extensive training in all three disciplines including open water swims and cycling on the Lake Placid Ironman course. Each day will feature a dedicated lecture on nutrition, transitions, open water swimming, and race strategy. Participants will also receive a goodie bag! This camp is tailored to half ironman and ironman distance competitors.

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