Thursday, April 26, 2012

What I'm Reading

Remember the days when you would have to wait for the latest issue of VeloNews to get race results?  The first time you would see new products was when they showed up in your local shop—group rides were organized via rotary phone—and getting how-to instructions for that pesky front derailleur meant making your way to your favorite wrench’s shop to pick their brain.  Do you remember those days? Yeah, neither do I.  I just had the pleasure of turning the ripe old age of 26 two days ago (with a wonderful little shindig put together by my wife, I might add).  So it is safe to say that my adult life has been quite firmly set in the digital age.  

You, however, may be of the required age to look back nostalgically upon the age of print media.  Maybe waiting for those race results increased the suspense of it all, or maybe you really like rotary phones—I don’t know.  But like I used to say to my dad when he told me that when he was a kid he “walked to school, uphill both ways, in three feet of snow, everyday,” I would rather take the bus.  

Nowadays, there is a superfluous amount of coverage on anything and everything related to cycling and its culture—and it exists within easy reach.  You only need to know where to look.  Sometimes separating the good from the bad, the legit from the phony, or the experts from the misinformed is a little difficult to sort out.  So today I am bringing you a reading list of sorts.   I want to clue you in to what I check and read on a daily basis in the hope that you will like them too.  So here it is.  Here is what I’m reading:

Many people read BikeSnob for the humor, but I find that he usually has fantastically good points when he is railing against the sometimes ridiculous tendencies of cyclists and the like.  Well written, dependable, and wonderfully entertaining posts keep me checking his site with extreme regularity.  Quit taking yourself and your bike so seriously and read this stuff.  

Bicycling Magazine always has good content and their online content is no different.  HQ’ed in Emmaus, PA, has a lot of local spin to it.  Contributors include many local riders like Harlan Price and Selene Yeager—both of whom you can regularly find ripping the Wissahickon on many a sunny afternoon or Sunday morning.  Check out all of their blogs and feature articles on everything from tech coverage to bike handling tips.  Ms. Yeager’s Fit Chick has great insight into her personal riding experiences as well as fitness and general life coaching tips.  Well worth your time to become a regular reader.  

Unrivaled race coverage of all types—road, track, mountain, triathlon, etc.  Enough said.

Velonews also provides some great race coverage, specifically for domestic events.  I keep coming back for their tech coverage.  Nick Legan and Leonard Zinn regularly provide amazing content—both having a wealth of experience most wrenches, including myself, can only look at enviably.  

Irreverent?  Yes.  Bitter?  Yes.  Inappropriate?  Maybe.  That is why I love this blog.  Read it without shame and embrace the wrongness of it all.  Best of all, DrunkCyclist knows what he is talking about.  The eclectic mix of material he produces is entertaining to say the least, while still being quite informative.  Check out the review of his new 616 Fabrications fat tire bike.  Beautiful bike.  

A moody look at all things cycling.  From serious road cycling, to serious off road riding, to serious alleycats, to other not so serious topics, AHTBM covers it all, with some great photography to boot.  Check here for some “off the beaten path” stuff that you won’t see many other places.  Definitely not mainstream cycling media, and that is why you should love it.  

Pez is similar to CyclingNews or VeloNews, except not really.  It seems like they approach cycling news from a different angle.  They offer much more coverage of track racing and six day events, along with interviews with pros from all different roles in the pro peloton, all while still giving you good mainstream race coverage, tech news, and training advice.  Some seriously good picture galleries as well.  

Go forth now, and read about your favorite pastime on your smartphone while you should be working.  Let me know if I missed something that is on your list of favorites, as I’m always interested in finding some new and interesting reading material.  

Until next week…..

Epilogue:  I’m still looking for questions to fill a Q&A post, so don’t hesitate to hit me up about anything/everything that you have questions about.  Ask anything, really.  If I don’t have the expertise necessary, I will pass it to someone in the know.  Ask away!

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