Thursday, July 5, 2012

Get Off Your Computer = Get On Your Bike

It’s summer time people.  Though it happens today to be unreasonably hot, this is the time to get out and enjoy the world—preferably on your bike.  So in an effort to give you ample time to engage in some two-wheeled tomfoolery, I’m keeping today’s post succinct.  The tour is in full swing and here are the story lines you need to be following:


One of the sillier victory salutes I've seen, but hey if you can back it up... Photo: © Bettini 

The big story of the first week of the tour is, without a doubt, Peter Sagan.  He has been touted as a rising star for a couple years now, but this is his Tour de France debut.  So how do you celebrate your first Tour ride?  Well you win the first stage you take part in…of course.  Impressive. 


Cav took stage two with no lead-out whatsoever. Photo: © Bettini   

Though we have seen Sagan rack up a couple stage wins quickly, it is still unclear whether he can hang with the pure sprinters on the biggest stage.  Cavendish was impressive in his freelancing in stage 2—taking a big victory with no lead-out train to speak of.  Sagan got a bit manhandled in this pure bunch sprint, so we will wait and see if he is a true sprint contender, or more of an all around/uphill sprint kinda guy. 


Vaughters' face when he heard the news...
Today’s big news dredges up more alleged, unconfirmed details in the already tired story about a cyclist who retired several years ago.  What’s his name again?  Oh well.  The real story for—for me anyway—is that Hincapie, Leipheimer, Vande Velde, Zabriske, and Vaughters are all listed as witnesses and may have admitted to doping themselves, but in exchange for testifying against unnamed Texan cyclist, will receive shortened bans that don’t start until later this year.  All of this is still very unconfirmed though, so I’m waiting for the real hammer to come down before I make any judgments. 


Wiggins was knocked out with a brocken collar bone last year.  Which favorite will be taken out this year?
Last year’s tour was particularly crash filled in the beginning of the race.  But I’m not actually sure this year is any better, with major crashes happening in pretty much every stage so far.  The only difference this year is that no major contenders—like Wiggins last year—have been knocked out.  Keep your fingers crossed that your rooting interest doesn’t hit the deck though, as there are still a couple nervous flat finishes remaining in the first week.  Fresh legs, nervous energy, and the big lights of the biggest race of the year makes everyone think they can and should be at the front kicking for the stage—except that they can’t all fit at the front.  Look for more close calls in the next couple days until the group settles in.


Did you see our rockin’ commercial on NBCSports?  In case you were wondering, I ride Cadence too.  Aside from the awesome production, put together by none other than one, Brady Gibney, notice the plug for our Cannondale Demo Day at the end of the commercial.  Come out on July 28th to test some rocking Cannondales.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Now get off your computer, and go ride your bike.  

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