Friday, May 17, 2013

Customer Bicycle Spotlight: Serotta Meivici Limited Edition No. 15 of 21

These have been weeks playing catch-up.  I don’t like to make excuses, so I won’t, but it’s obvious that I haven’t had much time to write lately—or more accurately, made time to write.  We’ve had a hectic couple weeks at Cadence, and my attention was spent on things like, you know, helping run a bike shop.  We have new owners.  We have a new upstairs.  We have new product.  The only thing we don’t have is a new blog post for the last two weeks—so I am making time to write right now.  Here’s to smooth sailing—and regular updates—from here on out. 

We have a great luxury as Cadence mechanics to lay our hands on some of the nicest bikes available today.  The new bikes that go out of this shop have some of the newest and most advanced technology available, and I feel lucky to work on them.  But I get even more excited about some of our customer’s bikes.  We have some incredibly well thought out, rare, and beautiful builds that roll through our doors. Bikes that don’t just come out of boxes, but are special and individual, shedding light on the owner’s personality and sometimes even the history of the sport.  This week I wanted to share one of those special rides: No. 15 of 21 Special Edition Serotta Meivicis.  It was a build Cadence did before I arrived here, but I take great joy in working on this rare bike whenever I get the chance. 

This bike is literally the 15th Meivici to be made by Serotta.  The first 21 were numbered on the downtube with a special edition badge. The first of these, No. 1, was raffled off in 2005 to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation. 

Davis Phinney rode Serottas throughout his career, so when he was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease, they decided to raffle a dream bike to benefit the foundation.  This Meivici doesn’t have any specific connection with Phinney, other than being in the same series of bikes as the one that was raffled off.

The build components were chosen with the utmost care, all handmade in their country of origin—Serotta, Campagnolo, Enve, Lightweight.  Pretty special stuff.

So many pictures here, so keep scrolling for extra special goodness:

Serotta Meivici with Campagnolo Super Record, Enve Cockpit and Post, TRP carbon brakes, and Lightweight tubular wheels

A beautiful iconic headbadge.

This bike is bursting with carbon, from the cages to the brake calipers...

Full EDGE cockpit--from before they were ENVE.

Once the fit is completely dialed, the steer tube will be trimmed.

The name doesn't disappoint.

Keeping with the theme of carbon, TRP SL brake calipers.

Full carbon hubs

This Meivici features custom paint and geometry.

Can't forget the carbon rails.

Such a beautiful layup.

On a build like this, the devil is in the details.  Taking the time to properly align the logos of the cables makes for an extra classy ride.

The numbered downtube badge also features the signatures of the big-wigs at Serotta, Ben Serotta...

...and Mike Lopez.

Rides like this one don't come around often, and I consider myself lucky to work on and interact with this special cycle on a regular basis.  Now wipe up that puddle of drool and GO RIDE!


  1. It's not as pretty as my Serotta though. Mine is turquoise and has MY name painted on it!

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